Lucy Catchpole

Lucy Catchpole

Lucy Catchpole writes about disability & children’s books, and spends far too much time on Instagram. Also, The Catchpole Agency

Lucy Catchpole

(Previously Lucy Sholl)

Lucy sometimes writes about disability, family and children’s books. You can find a lot of that on Instagram. She’s written for the BBC and The Guardian. She does not have a handy Amazon bio she can copy and paste. Lucy has grown two whole people (small ones, admittedly). See also The Catchpole Agency.

Things Lucy’s written

The Guardian – We can’t all be superhumans
On why “there’s no such thing as can’t” is deeply unhelpful.

BBC OuchDisabled girls are easy
I have no explanation for this title.

BBC Ouch – Out on a limb
A pun I didn’t write and had completely forgotten about. Article a relic from when we first started dating.

BBC Ouch – Disabled single parent – who cares?

BBC Ouch – It’s less tragic when disabled people die

Lucy is sometimes available to

Write about disability, family & children’s books

Lie down a lot. Alone.

Diversity consultancy -disability & children’s books

Drink a lot of tea -good tea.