Lucy Catchpole

Lucy Catchpole

Lucy Catchpole writes about disability & children’s books, and spends far too much time on Instagram. Also, The Catchpole Agency

Lucy Catchpole

(Previously Lucy Sholl)

Lucy sometimes writes about disability, family and children’s books. You can find a lot of that on Instagram. She’s written for the BBC and The Guardian. She does not have a handy Amazon bio she can copy and paste. Lucy has grown two whole people (small ones, admittedly).

You’re SO Amazing! – a sequel to James’s picture book What Happened to You? – is co-written by Lucy and James. Out with Faber in the UK May 2023. US edition coming from Little, Brown in 2024.

See also The Catchpole Agency.

Things Lucy’s written

The Guardian – We can’t all be superhumans
On why “there’s no such thing as can’t” is deeply unhelpful.

BBC OuchDisabled girls are easy
I have no explanation for this title.

BBC Ouch – Out on a limb
A pun I didn’t write and had completely forgotten about. Article a relic from when we first started dating.

BBC Ouch – Disabled single parent – who cares?

BBC Ouch – It’s less tragic when disabled people die

Lucy is sometimes available to

Write about disability, family & children’s books

Lie down a lot. Alone.

Diversity consultancy – disability & children’s books

Drink a lot of tea -good tea.