We’re in The Sunday Times! | We’ve Got This: Essays by Disabled Parents

The Sunday Times, with Lucy and James Catchpole's profile photo - a disabled couple with their two children. Headline reads: What is it like to be a disabled parent? A paperback book We've Got This: Essays by Disabled Parents - lies next to it.

It’s not every day we turn up in the Times…

The article’s a very thoughtful review of We’ve Got This: Essays by Disabled Parents – which just came out here this week. What a thing to be part of, really.

Editor Eliza Hull – a disabled parent herself – asked us to write a chapter back in the summer. A book for adults! The first we’ve been involved with.

Our publication day instagram live with Eliza is saved on her page, for the truly dedicated, and I’ve put images of the full Times review at the end of this piece which are hopefully readable.

I wish this book had existed before we became parents. There is so much packed into it – wealth of experience, from such a range of perspectives. Wonderful writing, some by writers we know through Instagram – like Rebekah Taussig, Christa Couture, Nina Tame, Cathy Reay and Dani Izzie.

Just a note – an Australian edition came out with the same title, editor and publisher in 2021. The cover is different, and our essay’s not in that one! This one – with this cover – is the US and UK edition. It’s out now here, and in May in the US. But our Blackwell’s link should get you the right copy wherever you are in the world, delivery included. 

For the regulars – I’ve been quiet because my ever-irritating arm’s been playing up. We’re all fine, and it should improve as it gets warmer.

If you’d like to order We’ve Got This through us, Blackwell’s ship internationally. And it’s an affiliate link, so we get a small percentage. (Whoever’s been ordering obscure textbooks through our link lately, thank you! You’re great.) 

– Lucy Catchpole

Article contd. Pull quote in red "A stranger's unwarranted advice is only a breath away"

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