How to talk to your child about disability?

How to talk to your child about disability? We’re asked this pretty frequently, so thought we’d post this extract from an Q&A James did recently, about this & his upcoming book – What Happened to You? Q. Children sometimes ask questions that could upset a child with a disability. Do you have any advice forContinue reading “How to talk to your child about disability?”

Where is all the dad guilt?

Ever heard of “dad guilt”? I haven’t. But “mum guilt” is everywhere.  What would the world make of James if he felt guilt for being a one legged father? (Disclaimer: obviously he doesn’t. He’s a man, after all…) It’d clearly be a ridiculous thing to feel guilty about – there is no alternative world inContinue reading “Where is all the dad guilt?”

KidLitCripCrit – El Deafo

El Deafo is a very funny, real, own voices autobiographical graphic novel about a deaf rabbit. If Mama Zooms is personal for us, this is out of our comfort zone – neither of us is deaf. Or a rabbit. (Though the characters are really humans with rabbit ears.) So does this qualify as an ownContinue reading “KidLitCripCrit – El Deafo”

What Happened To You? is finally out!

It’s the 6th of April, and What Happened To You? is out in the U.S today. James did BBC Breakfast on Saturday, which is pretty unusual for any children’s book, especially a picture book. Not sure how well YouTube works on here really, but I’ll put it here anyway. (Pulling the recording was a totalContinue reading “What Happened To You? is finally out!”

KidLitCripCrit – Mama Zooms

Mama Zooms is that rare thing – a book that becomes part of your everyday. Viola calls it the ‘wheee!’ book & since the day it arrived she’s been over the moon about it. It’s a beautifully simple, joyful book. A child sits on their mother’s knee:  ‘Mama’s got a zooming machine… and she zoomsContinue reading “KidLitCripCrit – Mama Zooms”

KidLitCripCrit – A Kids Book About Disabilities

Here’s our first review of our top 6 kids’ books featuring disability – KidLitCripCrit as we’re calling it. (Unpronounceable, but we couldn’t resist.) This one is own voices – the author is a wheelchair user. As am I. Do see our full list too, if you haven’t already. Imagine the best primary school teacher you can,Continue reading “KidLitCripCrit – A Kids Book About Disabilities”

Asking questions is not the opposite of staring at a disabled person

Asking questions is not the opposite of staring at a disabled person. Is it? I mean it doesn’t make much sense – but it’s often how the dialogue around this goes. Eg “I’d rather they asked questions than stared” But why on earth would we be choosing between one and the other? There’s a particularContinue reading “Asking questions is not the opposite of staring at a disabled person”

Disabled! The best word we have

Disabled! Not a perfect word, but the best we have. There’s a dance around the language we use when it comes to disability, an uncomfortable one, and still so much confusion.  I remember ‘handicapped’ in the 80s. Cripple mostly went out with the institutions they used to lock us up in. Invalid is awful, butContinue reading “Disabled! The best word we have”

Try treating disabled customers as customers, world? Just a thought.

There’s a presumption – a very widespread, deeply rooted one – that disabled people should be grateful for anything we get. Whether that’s tech or a new tap, representation in books, or a new wheelchair. When we’re used to seeing disabled people in the context of charity, is it surprising if that affects the wayContinue reading “Try treating disabled customers as customers, world? Just a thought.”