Heads, heads heads heads heads heads – a song adapted for Covid-19, disability & Viola

Our third week of virtual playgroup – we’ve been in self-isolation for 3 weeks now and books are still coming out. So Mainie & Viola dressed as a mouse and a bat from PESTS – Emer Stamp’s new book, which came out the same day. It’s not super timing, for any author.

Couldn’t think of a pests related song though, so we just went for Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes instead.

Working and home-schooling all from home is essentially impossible, as the child-keepers of the world are all discovering. No sourdough or netflix for us. We had a holiday planned to Brill – just the next county over, but now impossible. Mainie was unimpressed by the news. So we’re taking two weeks off work (as far as possible) and are going to have our holiday at home instead.

Next week perhaps we will be slightly refreshed for virtual playgroup – instagram live, Thursdays at 4 pm.

Lucy Catchpole

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