Blenheim Palace, access and joy. (And a life-right-now update.)

Sometimes, access is about the small things. Like finally being able to get your legs under a picnic bench and sit next to your children, instead of awkwardly parking near the corner.

Almost nowhere is really wheelchair accessible. It isn’t something I talk about much – I find it very dull. I made this by accident, because Blenheim Palace took a piece of wood out of one of their picnic benches and it made me very happy indeed.

Picnic benches are generally the enemy of the wheelchair. Is this some wonderful new initiative? Or… did a plank just fall off? I have no idea. Sincerely hoping for the former.

A right-now update:

I made this video a few weeks ago. On the off-chance any of our instagram friends stumble on this… instagram and my phone have decided they are not friends. Which is really bad timing, because covid has finally caught up with us – just days after sending Mainie back to school after yet another homeschooling stint.

We’re fine. James and the girls have got it but aren’t suffering too badly. I’m isolating as far as possible. Which is super easy as you can probably imagine…

It’s almost 2 years to the day since this pandemic started for us – when we first isolated as a family. Instagram has been my community over the past two years, it’s deeply infuriating to be cut off from everyone just as it finally gets us!

We shall be back – as soon as the tech gods smile on us…

-Lucy Catchpole

Viola and Lucy. at Blenheim Palace.
Viola: smoothie focused. And cold. But also, sitting next to me!


  1. Lucy,
    It made my heart full to see the difference such a straightforward adjustment made to your family day out. As you say, I really hope it was intentional and that it’s happening at lots of other places now as well.
    I’m also so sorry to hear about the covid stuff and send you all lots of love. Hopefully James and the girls will be over it quickly and able to cuddle up with you again soon.
    Loll x
    P.S. I hope it’s OK to reply on here. I thought you might be able to see if more easily if there are still tech issues with Insta.


    • Very nice to have a reply on here – a great novelty! Someone else messaged to say they’ve seen a picnic bench similarly adjusted so I am hopeful. It’ll be a bit crushing if a plank just fell off! Yes fingers crossed on the covid situation. And I have no idea what’s up with insta and my phone but it is bad timing. (I can reply to DMs and comment on there but not post. Ugh.)


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