What Happened To You? is finally out!

It’s the 6th of April, and What Happened To You? is out in the U.S today.

James did BBC Breakfast on Saturday, which is pretty unusual for any children’s book, especially a picture book. Not sure how well YouTube works on here really, but I’ll put it here anyway. (Pulling the recording was a total faff so I am going to scatter it as many places as I can.)

The paperback sold out on Amazon minutes after James came off air. There’s been so much support for this book, especially on Instagram, that very unusually there’ve been three UK print runs pre-publication. And two in the US. (We’re just waiting for them work their way through the system…)

And talking of videos, last year – at the beginning of the pandemic – I made this video about the book for Faber. Just going to leave that here, too.

Lucy Catchpole

Affiliate link, with free international delivery from our local bookshop here!

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