What Happened To You? is finally out!

It’s the 6th of April, and What Happened To You? is out in the U.S today. James did BBC Breakfast on Saturday, which is pretty unusual for any children’s book, especially a picture book. Not sure how well YouTube works on here really, but I’ll put it here anyway. (Pulling the recording was a totalContinue reading “What Happened To You? is finally out!”

What Happened to You? A cover reveal

This is me. A few years ago admittedly! I’m an agent for kids’ books – I edit & sell my authors’ stories, & had no plans to write one myself. But I’m also disabled & keenly aware of how few good books there are about disabled children. So eventually, I bit the bullet & wroteContinue reading “What Happened to You? A cover reveal”

A Familiar Question…

WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? A question we hear A LOT, and the title of James’s children’s book, published by Faber this August. James has been answering this question since he first learned to speak. And this picturebook is about Joe, a young child uncannily similar to child-James 😉 who wants to play but finds himselfContinue reading “A Familiar Question…”

James has written a book…

It’s a picturebook for little ones called What Happened to You? It’s illustrated by Karen George and it’ll be published by Faber in August this year. We’ll have more information up here in March, before the book heads off to the Bologna bookfair in search of foreign publishing partners. But for now, here’s Faber’s blurbContinue reading “James has written a book…”